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Designing a website is very crucial part. It creates impact on internet about your business, we should always design SEO friendly websites. So it gets more ranking and attention of your audience  which  helps to improve your business.

Now a days Website designing is not a difficult job. There are several tools which helps you to create web pages. If you are not aware of coding still its ok, because your tool generates code for your website. But this does not help to create impression of your site on web

Following are few website designing techniques which will help you to design a proper website for your business.

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While designing your website always remember that you are designing for your audience, so make it as simple as you can

Design your site structure simple and easy to understand. Always provide breadcrumb in website so your visitor could understand the flow of website.

Do not add too much images it takes time to load web page so it creates disappointment for your visitor.

While designing always write CSS and JS code into another file and then call it. If you write CSS and JS code in html file it will take time to load.

Do not add too much animation in pages. It looks kind of boring and time wasting.

Use proper Color combination, don’t use too much colors in a single page, use eye catching colors, color combination should be attractive.

While writing content, it should be audience targeted. It should be easy to understand, also written with proper headings and sub-headings.

Content should explain everything about your should focus on your product/ service.

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Design your website as per SEO parameters.

Website URL, E-mail should be similar to your business name.  it helps search engine to find your web pages easily.

Page title should be explain about your business, it can be phrases or saying (title should be similar to what visitors search regarding your business).

Meta tags should be used properly, it helps search engines to understand about your business.

Use proper heading for your content which is more descriptive.

While writing content it should be focused to audience. It should contain the keywords which are used in URL, Meta tag, title, headings.

There should not be any spelling mistakes.

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  1. A better web design means a better user experience. Users should be able to interact with website and application easily without worrying about how they’re accessing the internet. A better web does more than just work; it works well – for those who consume it and those who build it.

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