What is a Website ?

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A website is a online way to represent about your business, events, services, personal experience, ideas, etc  all over the world in short  period and minimum amount. It is a best  medium to know about the everything in this world .best part of websites is that they are available for you 24 *7. Now a days websites are  the effective way  to expose your business. Websites can be personal or commercial or government websites. A website is collection of similar web pages.

Purpose (Let the world know about you)

  • A website is designed for any purpose like business, education, entertainment, personal information, etc.
  • website is a online medium to interact with other people. Any one who is online can interact with any person all over the world.
  • Most of websites are used expose business online.
  • Any one can earn money by designing a good website.
  • Website is online mirror of your business.
  • Website is used for expansion of your business.

What does a good website ?

  • A good website contains a page title which explains idea about your business.
  • Website should have menu’s and submenu’s.
  • Website should have complete information about your product.
  • Each website should have contact information.
  • Website should have navigations.
  • website name should be similar to domain name.
  • It should have different pages like about-us, portfolio.
  • If proper colour combination is there then it has a good impact.
  • Proper text formatting should be there.
  • It should have mobile friendly.
  • Images and videos plays vital role to provide correct information.
  • It should be attractive for your clients.
  • If website is dynamic then interactions must be in proper way.

A web site is all about you want to show the world , so make it in better way.

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